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Many Threats, One Solution™

Our experts create, select or design solutions for maximizing your disinfection, waste upcycling and biosecurity plans.

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Chemistry & Technology

Artemis AG-Solutions LLC was founded to change the status quo of disinfection, waste upcycling and sanitation  in food processing, biosecurity and live-side production facilities. We are a licensee of a proprietary Sandia National Laboratories chemical disinfection technology formulated for commercial use. In addition, we added a line of high-performance CIP cleaners, soaps, disinfectants, sanitizers and laundry products to our product line-up. The result is a robust product offering of proprietary, EPA and FDA approved, formulas for high-level cleaning, disinfection and sanitization in commercial, industrial food processing and live production facilities. To further enhance our product line and perfect our performance we integrated a proven software solution. The systems capabilities are unsurpassed in the industry. The user can quickly and accurately analyze, track and record real time data of how our products are performing creating the ultimate solution for maximizing your sanitation and biosecurity programs.

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Customer Driven


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Artemis AG-Solutions LLC for food processing, RTE, biosecurity and live-side production designs and selects products to create a more efficient production environment to transform biosecurity programs through data analytics and efficient chemistry.

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Data Analytics &
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Products That Work

Our product line includes RTU cleaners, EPA registered disinfectants, Food contact sanitizers, CIP solutions, wipes and application equipment. 

EPA Registered

Mix at time of use, Ready-to-Use, Concentrated liquid Disinfectants and Sanitizers for any budget

FDA Approved

Disinfectant Wipes, HP Wipes, Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizers, Available in all sizes

Artemis Products

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Our customer tell us our products do what we say they do.

"The test swab results came back better than any we have done before"
Poultry Farmer
5th Generation Farmer
"It not only looked and smelled clean. The test results were amazing"
Owner & CEO