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About Artemis

With more than 100 years of industry  experience, companies around the world depend on Artemis AG-Solutions Products and Services.

Many Threats, One Solution™

What we are about

It all started from the synergies used to create military-strength decontamination products at Sandia National Laboratories. We licensed Sandia’s decontamination solution, formulated and registered it with the EPA for commercial use and hired a team of highly skilled industry veterans who care. The result is our diverse product line that includes proprietary, EPA and FDA-approved products for cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection of high risk pathogens. Then we sought out to perfect performance by integrating a software solution to analyze and track real time data of how our products were doing to create the ultimate solution for maximizing your disinfection and biosecurity plans. World class customer service, technology and innovations is what sets us apart from the others. We are not just another chemical supplier.